Short Mountain Distillery

Short Mountain Distillery produces award-winning small-batch spirits that include: moonshine, bourbon, Tennessee whiskey and other fine beverages.

Sazerac of Tennessee

Sazerac of Tennessee is proud to have seasoned TN Whiskey veterans, Master Distiller, John R. Lunn, and Master Blender, Allisa Henley, leading the distillery te...

Pyramid Vodka

Alexander and Winston Folk grew up in the family restaurant, a popular fine dining establishment in Memphis, Tenn. That’s where they developed their love for ...

Tenn South Distillery

Distiller of Tennessee Whiskey, Corn Whiskey, our family of traditional Shines, Signature gin, and vodka using Giles County corn, local waters, and a 500 gallon...

Jack Daniel Distillery

Drop by for a firsthand look at our distillery where one of our guides will accompany you on a tour (Sampling - $10.95 or Traditional - Free) and tell you the c...

The mission of the Tennessee Distillers Guild is to responsibly promote and advocate for the distilling industry in Tennessee through the collective voice of its members.



TN Distillers Unite to Form Guild

NBC affiliate WBIR Pigeon Forge detailing the formation of the TN Distillers Guild from March 2014. You can read the article here.

Upcoming Events


TN Distillers Guild Festival and Tasting

Meet the distillers and sample a variety of spirits from... More »