Old Glory Distilling Co.

Old Glory Distilling Company produces craft whiskey and spirits in Clarksville, Tennessee. The Premium Tennessee Whiskey is a few years from release, but the Vo...

Southern Pride Distillery

Southern Pride Distillery is a small batch, grain to bottle distillery committed to producing spirits the old fashioned way.  Distilled in a copper pot still u...

Old Dominick Distillery

The Old Dominick Distillery is a state of the art distillery located in the heart of Downtown Memphis producing a diverse portfolio of whiskies, vodkas and liqu...

Duck River Distillery

Our mission is to provide fine spirits from grains that we grow and produce on our farms in Tennessee. We will be located on the banks of the Duck River, which ...

Short Mountain Distillery

Short Mountain Distillery produces award-winning small-batch spirits that include: moonshine, bourbon, Tennessee whiskey and other fine beverages.

The mission of the Tennessee Distillers Guild is to responsibly promote and advocate for the distilling industry in Tennessee through the collective voice of its members.



TN Distillers Unite to Form Guild

NBC affiliate WBIR Pigeon Forge detailing the formation of the TN Distillers Guild from March 2014. You can read the article here.

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